Thursday, October 11, 2012

Really? Puparazzi can you give us some privacy?

The Wendy: "Oh you are going to be in troubleeeeeee you did a no no!"

Silvieon4: "Shhhhh all I did was walk!  The mud jumped on me! I am going to lick it off before momma sees it!"

Silvieon4:  "Be quiet Wendy.... I am working on it!"

The Wendy: "Wink wink wink working hahahahahaha working on it.... wink wink wink"

JD..."Can you two hush?  I am trying to chill here!"

Take the camera away from the momma!



KSO said...

These are the most adorable fluff ball pictures. I LOVE the winking one, too priceless!

Lyvonne said...

Adorable!!! Love the fluffy ears the most.

Happy Wordless Wednesday (on Thursday).