Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sigh. Parade of costumes at da Bash.

MY FAV!  A human hot dog with her catsup and mustard.  I loved it... it looked a comfy costume. and delicious too.

Muhammed Ali dog? Floats like a butterfly stings like a bee???? Aww never mind.

Dear Auntie Robin. Shameeeeee on you... CHIA pet????? I hope Dude lets you know how unhappy he was. WE talked. You have it coming... 

The humiliation walk  costume parade.

Thank you momma. No costumes for us this this year. they were accidentally on purpose   left on the counter.
It's all about the distraction.


1 comment:

Tucker said...

Oh the torture!! And a giant hotdog!

woof - Tucker