Friday, October 12, 2012

No, really....ASKING the HARD questions

Tell me again how this electoral college stuff works. And should I be looking for logic or just go on.... gut and precedent?

No, I don't want to read it here.

I want you to tell me about it in words I can understand.

This is soooo bizarre. 

I don't want to watch it! Why can't you just tell me?

Ahhh... you don't fully get it either!

Two leggeds...
so, just to boil it down to it's essence....

You tell your state who to vote for and those territories.. and those other states...and those ex pats... and those ...

I have a a headache.. Can you hold me now? Why could you not just make it simple??? 

Is Vegas carrying odds on this?

Just hold me. You people complicate EVERYTHING!

The real question that is is on my mind is.... "ARE WE OUT OF CHEWIES or are you being stingy again?"


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