Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I swear it's true- Post vet exam

"I swear it's true, -Wendy tells Silvieon4- Momma took me to Dr Klemm. Then he touched me all over, even on my belly! And then, then the weird happened. They took me for a walk and followed my around telling me to tinkle and then they tried to steal the tinkle!  I swear!  I paw swear!"

"Ewwww- Silvie on4 says- But why?  Why do they want your tinkle?  That is so beyond disgusting. Two leggeds are the most bizarre creatures, what do they do with your tinkle?  You know... they got their own tinkle, I have seen them do that. Why do they want yours?"

Wendy continues:"Brace yourself... the blue clothes told momma to follow me with a ladle to get a clean "catch". I am not making this up!  I am not eating soup forever if I see a ladle coming at me. And then they let me go... But they did put me on that scale thingie and for some reason momma was happy. Last time momma was a mess. She cried after I got scaled the last time!.  Whatever. This time she was happy?  I did nothing different! Hoomans are weird.

"Are you going to give them tinkle? Please don't, you do then they will want it from me! You know I hate anything like that!"- Silvieon4

"Listen, I am baffled and I am not cooperating. I don't think it's healthy to allow them to be this intimate with our bodily fluids... I am almost ready for the couch with the man and the pointing doll.  You know the guy that asks you to show him where the nasty man touched you....But I have to be honest.  Dr Klemm was not that weird. Momma is far more weird and inappropriate in her touching... and wiping... Oh, did you get a delicious meatball?  I did, momma gave it to me".-Wendy

"Mhhh I think you get pilled. I got nothing... momma slipped you a pill.  I am sure of it!"




Marshmallow said...

What a traumatic experience for the Wendy! But the weirdness doesn't stop there. Last time I went to the vet, they wanted mama to bring a sample of, um, the other stuff. Who would want that? And for what purpose?! You're right, hoomans are weird!

rocky-dog said...

Hmm. I think it is even worse. I have been working my paws to the bone keeping the raccoons out of our yard. Those raccoons are pulling up the grass in our back yard. There was some man here the other day called 'the pest guy'. Yeah raccoons are for sure pests. Anyway this guy tells John that raccoons are afraid of coyotes and that he should put coyote pee in the yard. So now the back yard smells like coyotes. I still haven't figured out how John got the coyotes to pee in the yard. This is a big mystery

Honeygo Beasley said...

Love the new look of your site, 'Vie and the name of it is perfect - from rescue to royalty, absolutely!

bichonpawz said...

You two are right!!! Hoomans are totally weird. What on earth they want with tinkle and ummmm...the OTHER stuff...who knows? We should stay away. Best we can anyway!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug