Saturday, October 13, 2012

What am I lobbying for?

Daddy, it's Saturday!  You know what that means?  TO THE BEACH, TO THE BEACH....
Like we like to go...

We can't waste the sunshine. Come on, let's go sniffing the sand crabs, and the starfish and the seashells. and the salty stuff..

I am game.  I would go on one of those little water boat thingies. No, I know. The Wendy would freak out.
She is a land lover. Fine, but can we go to the beach anyway?

Can we do our own picnic at the beach?  Who is cold? 64 degrees is NOT cold! Momma! put a jacket on, wear actual shoes. Jeez... To the beach? To the beach?

Some day, when they finally come out with self driving cars, I am not going to be so dependent on you old foggies. I am just going to hop on the car and go where I want to.  So GM, how long before you set me free???



Kolchak Puggle said...

You actually like the BEACH Vie? WHY? The sand gets all up in my fur and Mama gets all huffy when I try to roll in smelly things and those darned Seagulls are like kamikaze pilots. Uck, the beach is awful.

silvieon4 said...

Koly, the way you do the beach is... In the buggy on the sand. You walk the boardwalk and play the crowd.
Give daddy the stink eye by the sushi place until he buys you sashimi white tuna ( yuh I am 'spensive) and then there is that shaved ice place with the sweet colored ice... And the coffee place and... I love spotting a sand crab and chasing the little google eyed thing. Momma does get seriously loco if I dare go near jelly fish, or try to eat stuff from the beach, but she will get us crab legs. I do all 33 blocks of beach and never ever get bored. The smells are amazing. The wahinis (tourists) dress funny, and the views are to die for. I don't mind the live music, but sometimes is too loud, and I am totally into the dancers and kites, and various shows. Do you get that at your beach?