Thursday, August 21, 2008

BARK in the park

So your 2legged tells you that he/she loves you. Do they mean it? Hmmm. I really knew momma loved me when she took me to Bark in Park. This is a giant event all about me... the 4 legged. My foods, my toys, my flags, my treats, my friends... ME ME ME ME. See, once a year, we all get together and party. Auntie Robin from Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue [my rescue] bakes her special liver treats. We stock up our freezer. :))) Ehmm Auntie Diane made these chicken balls. To die for. {Do not say anything to momma... hers... not the same.} Momma makes liverissimo and other treats, and yes, we allow the 2leggeds to get food and all, but the event is about us. For us. My rescue sells things to raise funds for other dogs in rescue. It is the circle of life!

You would not believe how many 4leggeds come to Bark in the Park. Big ones, small ones, all sorts of ones.

Hope Jasper shows up. I liked him. He is a police dog. He is my kind of guy. Uniformed. Disciplined. Able to take and follow orders. Eye Candy. :) Hi Jazzy....

Sigh. I have to wait for Bark in the Park.

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