Tuesday, August 19, 2008

FAY go AWAY!!!

What does a girl have to do to get some chicken treats around here? I have tried my cutest poses. I have done the full body stretch. I have let out the long sigh. What is keeping the momma so busy that she can't pay attention to me? Do I have to resort to mischief to get noticed? Do I? Really? Maybe I just need to go find out what it is that is stands between me and my treats. What is a Fay? The grandma lives in Florida and the Fay is going to Florida. The Fay must be bad because momma is worried about the grandma. Well, the grandma could just close the door and not let the Fay in. This Fay must be like a squirrel or something. Or the grandma could come here and then she would not be home for the Fay. JD and Wendy said that the Fay is a hurricane. A big ugly storm. JD says when he was a baby he saw a hurricane called Isabel. It was nasty and it made things fly around and it rained a lot and it broke things. Hurricane. Winds with names. Strange. Wendy says she was born during one hurricane but she does not remember it. So where do these hurricanes come from? If they are so nasty, tell them to go away, turn them off. Who turns them on?
I want my chicken.

This was JD as a puppy asleep during the hurricane Isabel. Momma has lots of pictures of him. He looks OK. He looks safe. Tell the grandma to sleep during the hurricane! She will be safe too.

Is the chicken jerky still in the bag?

Momma talks on the phone, watches boring weather channel, talks some more on the phone... I lick her hand while she is on the phone. I lick her leg, I whine. I whine some more...

Finally! Just like that, momma absent mindedly walks to the kitchen, unzips the bag and gives each of us a treat... Just like that. Phone between her neck and ear, walking around doing things, talking to the grandma, momma remembered to gives us a treat. She loves us.

FAY GO AWAY! Leave the grandma alone. Or else. GRRRRRR


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