Sunday, August 17, 2008

De gustibus non est disputandum - There's no accounting for taste

This afternoon I was out with momma and daddy. As I walked I sniffed and sniffed, as usual. I got a leaf stuck on my nose, so I tried to lick it off. Well, momma saw that and immediately removed it from my mouth and made the comment "Ick what dogs will try and eat!".

Yes, I take offense to that statement.

I could expouse on the governing biology that gave us 4leggeds a superior olfactory sense which has served us well in the evolutionary process and survival in general. But why make a stink about it. Instead let me just make you a list of some of the "odd" [I am being kind here] things 2leggeds eat:

...Gorgonzola... or any moldy fermented stinky cheese.... or fat free cheese...
...escargot...slimy bugs... Ick...
...Haggas...(ok why?)
Jello. Do you know how that starts?
Marmite. Yea that is tasty, but it is fermented yeast!
Poi. The name says it all.
Kim Chee. Next time you bury it, leave it buried!
Tofu and fufu
Grits...and polenta...
Caviar... and raw oysters... Oh I could go on and on and on....and come do you have any room to talk about weird things we 4leggeds eat???

And while I am ranting... Don't ever say my breath stinks until you deal with your after tacos, after burger with onion...after garlic bread...breath. Jeez....

Phew- I need some liver lips.


Anonymous said...

I will bake you some Liver Lips, Baby Silvie!

Bark in the Park will be here before you know it!

Auntie Robin

silvieon4 said...

YUMMMMM, Now, that's what I am talking about! Liver lips!!! Better make lots Auntie Robin, Bark in the Park is like... Food Fest for 4 leggeds.I think I am going to wear something this year. The momma has her little heart set on dressing us... the things we do for love!