Thursday, August 14, 2008


I don't find art interesting very often. It's too conceptual and it tastes like paint. But then, in most art the subject matter just doesn't speak to me. Why do I want to look at a bowl of fruit?!
(JD had his portrait painted and he thinks he is an art aficionado. Or whatever. But that is JD.)

For me, I just needed better subject matter. See above!!! Exquisite subject matter! A BICHON! Wait, is that me? I don't remember licking a snowman. But that looks like me! HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

Who is this genius that has the ability to capture my total cuteness? Wow. This is going to blow your mind. I know her. Honest. I really know her. She is Wynn's momma. I know Wynn from White Cottage. We were both in rescue. Imagine that! Wynn has an artist as his momma. Is that cool!

I understand that Mrs Darlene will be painting lots more Bichon paintings. Wynn's momma raises money for our rescue by selling her beautiful art. That is awesome. Momma, momma can I get Mrs Darlene's paintings???

artfully yours,

Oh, btw - that snowman looks delicious.

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