Thursday, August 14, 2008

CHOICES and Consequences

Morning ya'll. It is such a glorious day out there I am looking forward to my walk. Having some girl type issues getting dressed. You know what I am talking about. You have new outfits you want to wear them all, you have to make choices. Hmmm. I suppose, these are the kind of dilemmas faced by those of us lucky enough to have choices! Choice no. 1. Which collar should I wear on my walk. I have 2 new ones. Red or Lilac? Both have sparkles. Both are cute. Mhnnn I think I favor the lilac because it is thinner and in this heat, it is probably more comfy. Like shoes you have to break a collar in, you know... I know some two leggeds who wear their new shoes at home to "break" them in. I call that the "planned blistering". [Shoes are the compensatory prize for being born with only 2 legs...] Some 2leggeds make a whole obsession out of shoes. (NO, Momma I am not talking about you... {suppressing a chuckle here} you are not obsessed {MUCH} you are just enamored. Ya, that's it enamored...I have to live with the woman, give me some poetic license ok?)

In any case, here is a pic of my new collars.

Yes definately the lilac. I see the red more as a fall collar.

You know what I have observed? Males, whether on 2 or 4 legs are generally a lot less aware of style and more into comfort, unless they derive some sort of perceived status or power from wearing that particular item. Ie... the stinky, too small, stained "lucky" shirt during a certain football game. Or... (not spilling secrets here....) the navy coat which makes all the girls go ahhhh at JD. Daddy's power ties. Sigh. We, females know exactly the consequence of the outfit. We understand measured response and we choose accordingly. Really do you think 2legged females perch themselves on those heels just 'cause? Ha. They do it because 2legged males respond to them when perched on the heels. Cause~~~>Effect. But if you ask the responding male to specify which part of that female they find so much more attractive than say a similar female in flat shoes... they cannot verbalize it. I think they lack conscious insight.

Same same with male 4leggeds. JD responds to well groomed females, but is unaware of the actual specifics of his attraction.

In any case I tested the lilac collar. As Paris would say... "It is HOT" JD liked it. He sniffed me up. Thank God I don't have to perch myself on stilts to get a reaction. By the by, we girls like reactions because they validate us. They differentiate us, the prove that we are getting noticed. It is all rooted in biology and evolution and reproduction... blah blah blah... Can't fight mother nature.

Sooo... go with the flow and work it girlfriend!


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