Friday, August 15, 2008

Things ARE NOT as they seem...

I am looking at my momma through new filters... It all started with the fly. There was a fly in the house. It was buzzing all over and it was very annoying. Momma went into the garage and came back with a long flat thing and went to fly and smacked it. DEAD. I swear it. She smacked it dead. I sniffed it. It was dead. My momma killed. My momma is a killer. I am scared. I am not sure if momma killed anything besides the fly, but the fact is, she has killed. This is a lot to take in for me. I just never saw momma as anything but the safe, loving sweet momma that makes great food, and kisses, and walks us and takes care of us. But momma kills. I am not sure I should be so shocked. I mean apparently things are not always as they seem. Julia Child the famous chef was a spy... Think momma is a spy? She cooks. Oh my. My world is not as it seems?

Wendy and JD told me to stop being a drama queen. A fly is a disease bearing thing that does not belong in the house. Besides... they said momma vacuums spiders. Does that kill the spider?

I am so confused. JD says "It is all good kidlet. Flies and spiders do not belong in the house. get over it." Maybe I should just forget it. On the other hand... if momma is a spy... what is she spying on? That is intriguing....Hmmm

Now incognito,

'cause you never know....

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