Friday, August 1, 2008


It is true. Some things you take for granted until you are forced to notice them. IE. Health. IE. Freedom.

Quick scan of this morning's news just reminded me why this lucky lucky Bichon is grateful to be living in AMERICA. Just read that Saudi Arabia has banned dog and cat sales because... the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (the official name of the religious police)in charge of the enforcement of Saudi Arabia's strict Islamic code, has decreed that walking your pet increases the likelihood of interaction between the sexes... Pets are no longer allowed outside in public places. Violations result in immediate confiscation of the pet. The regulation is specifically aimed at men. Apparently pets are "babe magnets". DUH!!! who knew!

(Hi uncle Phil)

As a Bichon with a very busy life, I cannot even remotely contemplate not being able to enjoy a ride, a walk in the park, a visit to my favorite pet shop... let alone meeting and greeting all those tourists on the boardwalk, the beach, my neighborhood... etc. I simply cannot envision NEVER going outside my yard.

And from my stand point... they are making pets prisoner because of some 2legged
skewed take on morality? So where is the logic here? You notice I am not saying a word about the MORALITY as it applies elsewhere...

Whoa. Well that makes me want to go outside and mark up some serious territory
because this AMERICAN Bichon IS FREE to do so.

Where is Earl Pitts when you need him?

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Mama B said...

Wow, that is really sad.
I am mostly an indoor dog, but my favorite time is when I get to go to Grandpa's. He has lots of outside land with fun smells and interesting things. I would be so crushed if I couldn't ever do that. I think Grandpa would be too.