Saturday, August 30, 2008


Things have been quiet at my house. The last couple of days we 4leggeds have all taken turns keeping an eye on the momma who has not been feeling too great. The daddy has been home taking care of us, and boy it has been like summer school. He is like a substitute teacher. You know you can get away with a lot more, you just don't know for sure how much more. So... you "pays your money and you takes your chances." In the end, we managed to get a few more treats, a few more walks, and a few more rides. (I think we got more rides because it was a way to give momma some quiet time.) The best part about the whole week was the fact that momma was laying down a lot so we all got to snuggle with her a lot more. Most times 2leggeds are over scheduled and way too busy for naps. :) She had no choice. I loved it. Day naps are just more fun than night time.

Still keeping an eye on the Frisbee Cat. We have managed to get some observations down so that at the least we know what to expect when he starts buzzing. Here is the deal as I see it:
1] Frisbee Cat is selfish and grubby. He eats anything that he finds - even if it belongs to the Wendy (has he not seen her TEETH?!). It seems always hungry. BUT
2] Frisbee Cat is WAY stupid. He eats things that are way to big and then beeps and stops and needs help spitting them out. AHA... bigger chewies are SAFE from Frisbee Cat, he can't handle them. I think he has a very tiny mouth... or no teeth... pathetic!
3] He wakes up at about the same time every day, but then goes back to sleep and ignores everything... he just sits in his "thing" and blinks his light. (Someone remind me to ask momma for my own blinky light!) I did try to bite it (it was a little nip, OK?) and he just beeped once and didn't move. What a coward. I guess he only chases food, not 4leggeds.
4] I am not really sure what the deal is, but 2leggeds do respond when he beeps and they do remove things from him. They kind of turn him on his back?? Looks nasty. I did not want any part of it. Momma better not try to remove anything from me when she rubs my belly.

Ultimately, JD, Wendy, and I have reevaluated the worthiness of this enemy. He lacks panache. He lacks excitement and he is ... dare I say it... Predictable. Boring. And as Heidi Klum would say... predictable and boring is OUT.

But. strategically, using Frisbee Cat to antagonize squirrel and turning squirrel onto Frisbee Cat.. is BRILLIANT. Don't you think so? I must give credit to JD for the "note." And I must give Wendy props for the sound effects. Squirrel seems to have "bought it" hook, line, and sinker. Now, we just have to make sure that Frisbee Cat accidentally gets let out on the patio. That proximity would easily heighten squirrel's sense of danger.

Ahh the joys of plotting and planning.

Just call me Machiavelli

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