Saturday, August 16, 2008

Open letter to the MOMMA

No no no. I will not walk out there unless I have you on a leash. I am just not comfortable walking you off leash. It is not as if we are at the Bichon Bash and I know that once you are off leash you will go and picnic in the yard. This is different. Traffic + 2leggeds+ street+noise s+4leggeds=disaster. No. Not open for negotiation. I get nervous enough thinking about it.

And what is wrong with the leash? I like the leash. I let you hold it, we look stylish with it.
It is either with the leash or I am not going out. You choose.
As a matter of fact momma, I have talked to JD and to Wendy. They agree. There are no safety walls in the street, no fence... therefore.... NO OFF LEASH WALKING! Get over it. I don't care that everyone is doing it. We do things OUR way.

It does not mean that we don't love you and no you are NOT a failure at training us. WE like the leash. It keeps you safe.


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