Monday, August 11, 2008

Bit O' D R A M A

You know how sometimes the slightest thing just creates drama? Well I am living in that reality at this moment... I love the daddy. I know he loves me. Question is... does he loves me more than his candy? See... I kind of... found his candy and I kind of... tasted it. Well, actually I was going after the paper. It is pretty and shiny and RED! But the paper was stuck on the candy and by default I got a mouthful of both. I share everything, so what's the big deal? Well. Let me tell you, that daddy man does not like it when you taste his candy. He had a hissy. Soooo, I am staying out of his way and I have found safe harbour in momma's arms. Oh, the other weird thing is that the daddy says he loves his candy so much, but now he will not eat it because I tasted it. Weird ha?

And, you know, in the end, I am just a puppy. If he did not want to share his candy, he should not have left it where I could find it. They call that contributory negligence. Momma says so. I think it means it was his fault and not mine.

If I had a dog house, I would be in it. But I have momma's arms and I am ok. Maybe we will buy the daddy another candy tomorrow and he will be ok.

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