Wednesday, August 13, 2008

B I C H O N perfect

Being out and about with momma as much as I am, I am exposed to a lot of things and 2leggeds. I guess the sight of 3 magnificent Bichons is always a lot to take in for most 2leggeds. No auntie Robin, not for you. You would probably wonder why these humans ONLY have 3. But I digress.

We get stopped a lot. We get asked a lot of questions. Momma says there are no stupid questions... but honestly sometimes... First of all, if you want a real answer to any questions, don't refer to me as "just a dog". I am a Bichon! What does "just a dog" mean anyway? There are 6,716,592,127 2leggeds in this world right now. Does that make you just another human? Point made.

The question I have been mulling in my head for a while is the one we get asked most by non pet owners. Why Bichons? What makes Bichons so different from other dogs? I think what they really want is some sort of definitive answer as to why my breed is best. DUH. It just is. I mean look at us! But what makes us different from other dogs is a valid question worthy of a real answer.

The single word descriptor which differentiates my breed is INTIMACY. Yes intimacy. Bichons love to be with their 2leggeds all the time. We want to share absolutely everything with our humans. No walls, no doors, no baby gates. No boundaries. Su casa es mi casa, Ihr Haus ist mein Haus, Votre maison est ma maison , casa tua e` casa mia, ваш дом - это мой дом-, הבית שלך הוא בית שלי

Get it?

You can't expect anything different from us. We were bred to be performers, circus dogs, taught to please. Had to be with people all the time. You know... working the room is really second nature to us. And we were also bred to be lap dogs. So, to us your lap is wasted unless a Bichon is on it. And yes, we love human contact. So, touch us, pet us, walk us, talk to us, sing to us, LOVE us!

The word intimacy applies quite literally because we share your bed, your bathroom, your couch, and we would happily share the food you are chewing if you let us. We are sociable. the world is our stage and we like to perform. We are happy to share the world and unhappy when excluded in any way.

That is what makes a Bichon a BICHON. :)

Happy2b me!

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