Monday, August 4, 2008


Morning ya'll. It has been a very strange busy weekend. My blog looks funny to me. Momma says they are working on layout. Mhh. Wendy posted last- Wonder what she did to mess up my layout. Whatever. [This is why I have 2 legged staff- They work on the "minimus" and free me up to deal with the bigger "pic".] Speaking of which, check out these pics.
Controversy. I guess I am revising the issue of fakes. Fake things that 2 leggeds love. Momma was all upset this morning at the evildoer. The squirrel. It ate her tomatoes. [ick to that, too bad the tomatoes are not toxic to it]. "It" also messed with those things above. I know momma called them "angels", but no... I am part angel. I am real. I sniffed out the things. They are dirt. Red dirt. Hard dirt. Shaped dirt. DIRT. No angels.

So what is the deal? I get flowers. I even like some of those. Like these: they are sniffable. they have color, they grow. But the red dirt things???? I just don't get it!

But momma likes them... so... I just wish she would not call them angels. I AM ANGEL. JD and Wendy are ANGELS. Those are DIRT.

2leggeds... they are so confusing!

Color me baffled

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