Tuesday, August 12, 2008

cin cin to new BUDS

A shout out to my new buds on Doggyspace!

Heyyy Harley ! Heyyy Ginger and Randy, Hamish, Sophie, Milou, Katy, Woobie , Missy and Kaya .
Heyyy Asia, Ming and Cuddles! Hi Oreo and Holly! Hi Sam and Jada and Ripley! Gidget Gormley how are you? Hey Willie Bob~ December, Heidy and Fritz, MacGyver, Vegas and Charlie nice to meet you all!
Hello to Yogi ,Ozzy, Dusty, Miille and Abby as well. How are you Chewie and Zoe?

Greetings Teenie Lynn, Grace, Tug and Bela! Ciao Mink, Maggie and Daisy Mae!

Ciao ciao to Tater, Millzi, Lilly, Sawyer and Leito.

Hiya Rudy, Bailey and Little Bit !

It is just amazing to me. All the proliferation of animal websites and yet, still... they can't stop Puppy Mills. You would think you 2leggeds could get together or something....

Just thinking

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