Monday, August 25, 2008


Being one of 3 makes outings an event. Three Bichons are always an event. Friday, at the ocean front in VA Beach we socialized momma and daddy. We do this for their benefit. We introduce them to people. This time I picked out a very good looking young woman and her husband who sounded just like momma does when she talks to the grandma. They speak a different language. Italian. Yes, this is what makes me a such a cosmopolitan puppy! Tonight we shared dinner with them. Such fun. I shall call her Katie and him David. Close enough. I like them, a lot. and they like me, I think. My advice to all of you 4leggeds, If you want to have happy 2leggeds, socialized them. They do much better if they are made to interact with other 2leggeds.

After all, while they are part of our pack, they do need to play with their own kind. :)

And I loved listening to the lovely lingo. I volunteer to go to Milan or Bologna or Firenze with Momma. Wonder if Italian Bichons have a different language too.

Piacere conoscervi Katie and David


and make my cappuccino con extra schiuma

{that means give me extra foam on the cappuccino}

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