Saturday, August 23, 2008

STALKING and other celery stuff

"SHHHHH Be quiet. Look. Over there. Don't move, don't talk. Listen.... Rabbit at 11o'clock. Look at it. "

"Think it knows the squirrel?"

"Hmmm wonder what it thinks it doing... Why is it so still?"

"I am bored. It is just sitting there!"

"SHHHHHHHHH don't you know anything about stalking?"

"What's celery have to do with it?"

"Huh??? Celery"

"You said "stalking" ha ha stalk, celery... get it?"

"Groan. You make my brain hurt"

"FYI I know all about stalking, but that rabbit is not worthy of a stalk. It is playing freeze and that is a dumb game- I am bored"

"Ok go away, just don't ruin this for me..."

"Hey, GREAT WHITE HUNTER! You should hunt something worth of your hunting skill... ohhh never mind.. a rabbit might be just right for you..."

"Kidlet you might want to take advantage of that free running start, because I am about done with your sass"

"Somebody is touchy... I am just saying that rabbit is NO squirrel and we all know THE SQUIRREL needs to be mine. All I am saying is focus..."

"It just BOLTED!"

"Good now we can go in he backyard an HUNT Squirrels! Wendy let's go!"

just wanna chew on a squirrel,

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