Saturday, August 9, 2008

RIP Peyton and Chase

An open letter to Mayor Cheye Calvo and his family.

Sir, I have read about the horrific events that lead to the murder of
Payton and Chase.

My whole family has talked about the incident, grieved with you, prayed for you and raged at the stupidity of it all. Obviously the ego if some wannabe Rambo got in the way of common sense.

Please accept our condolences and know that Payton and Chase are with you always and will usher you over the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, let grief not close your heart. Grieve, as you must. We grieve with you. When you are ready, honor Payton and Chase by bringing home another dynamic duo to complete your family. No, you are NOT replacing anyone. You are honoring their memory and carrying on as they would have wanted you to. Rescue someone in need. Fill your home again with the sounds of barks and the sights of nose prints on your windows and happy tails.

Until you are ready, find comfort in each other and in the support, love and prayers we all send your way. Let the healing begin.

'vie and family

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