Saturday, August 9, 2008


Hi all, getting ready to go to DC and party down with my family! Still my B'day week you know. But right now I am having a moment. Momma is doing things in the kitchen and I am having to keep track so that I call dibs and I do not miss out. You know how it is with 2leggeds. You have to show constant interest or they think you don't care. (needy.....)

<~~~~ Yikes, raisins??? What do I look like I have a death wish???


Too seedy. I pass...Go back. Wait a minute. Nakid, I LOVE nakid bread with a shmear of mascarpone. DIBS. ALL naked ones are mine. Did she make enough???? Better... better... oh yuh nakid bread with butter is also yummy.

Sniff. Pass on this. Tomato bread.

Ick. Could not leave things alone momma?

Oh boy I am a wee bit peckish now... Is that bread going to be cool soon???


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