Monday, August 11, 2008

Back from THE District

My JD... always rides in his Isaac bed. Comfort is his first, middle and last name.

Moi... I rather have a lap, a sobakawa neck pillow to snuggle into, but sometimes, I do ride in my Isaac as well... it is a 3rd choice for me.... My Wendy... she gets so scared she likes to hide under something next to someones' leg, but momma and daddy do put her in her Isaac bed. Most of the time she stays, unless... we hit a bump.

Morning everyone! I am baaaaack from DC. FUN day trip. Big ups to the BIG GUY- IT only rained on the way home, so all of our activities did not get rained out. BIG UPS!!!

On the way to DC we stopped at the Candy Store. No, we do not go for the sweet stuff. I don't anyway. But the peanut butter crackers... yum. DC. Got to see my 2legged siblings. They are doing well [or as well as one can expect considering they are doing without me....] But I like visiting, Loved the walk to the dog park, loved meeting Mr Japanese Chin, Mr. "General", Miss Katie and all the other 4 leggeds. I know, I was shy. But hey, next to one of those big Weimaraners, would you not be shy? True... JD apparently has no shy gene. He goes up to everyone, 2, 4 I bet he would go up to a 6 legged. {is there such a thing??? }

I am pooped today, and I am recuperating. Translate that to... I have lots of new toys to get acquainted with. You know I have one more day to my B'day week. My cake... :) a savoury fat free cheesecake with liver swirls! YUUUUUUUM. Stop that human. Do I yuck at your toxic chocolate 3 layer thingiemabop?


Note to the couple of 2leggeds we met in Richmond. You only have yourselves to blame. You were miserable because you missed your 4legged. BUT YOU LEFT HIM BEHIND WITH A SITTER!!!

Next time... take him along! You cannot hope to depend on the kidness of strangers to accomodate your petting needs! I might not be around the next time.

Jut saying


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