Tuesday, August 5, 2008

B day-of B day WEEK

One minute past midnight, daddy brought up a special treat for me and for Wendy and JD and they all sang Happy birthday. Really it was a surprise. Loved my slice of fat free turkey. Loved my gifts from Wendy and JD even more. Those coupons are premium. I am hoarding them, even though JD seems to be anxious for me to redeem his. He keeps asking "Now kid?" Noooo not yet. I want to savour them. Those more valuable then green stamps!

So, I have decided that celebrating birthdays must be a form of socially applied reverse psychology. You know, to counteract the sadness that comes over you when you have that moment of insight that you are GETTING OLDER. so, I am making the most of this.

Whatever the 411 behind it all I am taking full advantage. In fact I am officially declaring today the start of my birthday week. [You can do this when you are a princess...]. I loved breakfast this morning- Yum. who knew I love cottage cheese? I hate ricotta. I know dinner will be terrific because momma said she is making me something special. [No- no hot dogs. she refuses to even consider them as food. You would not believe what she calls them... nitrate, sodium packed , lips and ... parts. ] This weekend I get to go to DC. Yeaaa..... I get to see my 2legged siblings. I love that.

(Get ready boy, I will lick your head until it is all soggy:)) Flavour it for me. Something other than Doritos please. I like that Vitiver . You have to let me. It is my birthday week!

Girl I will chew your hair and I want a full snuggle in your arms. You have to. It is my birthday week!)

Something does puzzle me. I overheard a discussion about dog years vs human years. What, time passes differently for us?? Must be some artificial human concept. Time is time and it passes equally for all. Right?

Anyway, yesterday in my house investigation, I located a gift bag tucked behind the love seat in the Florida room. I think it is mine. I hope it is! It has things all wrapped up in pretty paper. I LOVEEEEEE paper. Wonder when I will get it.

Right now I am heading outside. I want to hang out a bit. Just chillin.

B'day of B'day week


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