Friday, August 8, 2008


I got to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Mhh. Momma explained that it's an event where 2leggeds compete in sports. Nahh nothing like blitzing. nothing like tail chasing. Nothing like that. 2leggeds chase balls, jump over sticks, run [keep in mind they only have 2 legs... so cute of them to even try] they throw things, run, you get the idea.

The best get medals. Yuh you read it correctly. Medals. Not chewies. Medals. Round disks that they hang from their necks. {Ok, don't look now, but I must be OLYMPIC 'cause on just about every one of my collars... I have one or more "medals". Some have my name, some are just decorative, and I think one was sent to me by the state of Virginia.} Apparently this competition makes most 2leggeds so excited they stop some of their bickering. So, why don't they hold open Olympics all year long, so they never fight?

Anyway, what struck me about the opening ceremony, strictly from the point of view of an observer of a different species, is how important colors are to 2leggeds. They group and match outfits in color blocks. (OMG the outfits. No wonder they want dress us so funny! Have you seen what they wear??? They carry banners and flags with many colors. Like I said it is all about colors. Having dichromatic vision it is all lost on me, but whatever...

I was getting bored to the point of tears until :) Momma turned on animal planet. PUPPY GAMES 2008!!! Now, that's action I can relate to. I think Abby was robbed. Boo to the referees. BAD CALL. The water games were interesting, but hey my pool is way deeper than that! I swim all over my pool. What's the age cut off? I might be able to qualify for the 2009 competition.
Did you see the water competition judges? My momma eats fish that looks like that and calls it sushi. And how hot is Shamrock? VA va voom. Shamrock come on to va va 'Vie... :)

Well I am going to sign off and watch the rest of the Puppy Games 2008. Awesome...

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puppy games said...

so so so cute! i can't wait till they get round to making a puppy games 2011!