Monday, August 4, 2008

Something IS GOING ON!

SUmeting is UP. I know it in my bones. I walk in a room and the talking stops and then they start yapping about the weather. Someone here is up to no good. I can't see the left side on my blog. Mhh. I am not usually the paranoid type, BUT I smell trouble right here in rivercity.... trouble with a capital T... Going to inspect the house top to bottom, going to look over that yard inch by inch... starting with that funny banner...
I will get to the bottom of this yet!
Oh and Wendy.... I think she was trying to do something weird with my neck this morning!
And JD has been calling me "kidlet". What is a kidlet??? Google did not know! Oh ya, have any of you ever met this Google? He knows a lot, but he did not know "kidlet"!
Oh boy- and I thought this was going to be a fun easy week. I mean I planned on enjoying my birthday! Let's hope all settles down by Tuesday.

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