Monday, October 4, 2010

Bark in the Park..... or NOT....

So.... yesterday was supposed to be BARK IN THE PARK. Yes, the Bark In The Park. The once a year extravaganza in Chesapeake where anyone who is anyone is seen, heard and talked about. I woke up extra early, figuring we would be getting dressed and I would need a little extra time to negotiate my outfit choices. I was going to put my paw down this time. No matchy matchy outfits with The Wendy. She is older than I am by 2 yrs and to dress us alike is ridiculous! I had this hot number all picked out. It has a laced up corset and ribbons galore. I was even going to insist that my rain coat be reversed to the aqua side so that we could avoid that matchy thing. I read Estetica Italia so I could style my outfit perfectly well. This year it is all about the bangs you know...

I ate my breakfast and waited. Yes, I was aware that momma would not join us. She is convalescing [fancy word for she is broken and trying to get fixed]. I was aware that there would be no baked good from momma at Bark in the Park, and while that is strange... I adjusted my expectation. I figured I would get more buggy time with daddy, and more table time with Auntie Robin.

And so I waited. And waited. And waited. It looked to me as if nobody was making any move to get dressed. There was lots of talk about rain, lots of talk about mud and lots and lots of talk about wet, mucky, buggy weather. Someone better spray me with anti frizz... and clip one of those anti bug things to my buggy. None of that stuff worried me. My new ride is awwwwsome. It is screened, ventilated and completely rain proof. Big wheels and nice suspension, so none of the aforementioned [ding for new word usage!] issues would be impacting me. I plotted my grand entrance and my debut at the Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue Booth. I practiced the perfect tail wag and the perfect head toss. That effort will get me one or two bags of Liver Lips... And I WAITED. Come on people.... we always get there early, let's go...

Nobody moved. Daddy finally told us he was taking us for a ride. A Ride????? DUDE!!! IT IS PARK IN THE PARK DAY!!!! Ride me all the way there! And have you forgotten my new blingy thing and my harness with the angel wings???? Have you all gone mad??? Look I am even willing to do the stupid Halloween contest and put on the costume... let's go to the Park in the Park!!!

I swear it felt as if I was trapped in one of those Fellini movies. you know the kind, where the protagonist is completely disconnected from the plot that evolves. Alone in his vision and his despair he talks about his struggle while the other characters go on as if he was not there.
Yup, that is an accurate representation of how I felt.

I asked Wendy and JD... Both snorted at me that it was pouring and that it has been raining for days. DUH. What, was I living on the moon? I know the weather has been horrible. But PARK in THE PARK.... and that is when , between bites of apple, momma said, in a very nonchalant way... "Hmm they canceled Bark in The Park. New date will be announced."

Excuuuuuuuuse me? Canceled? Are you kidding? Can they do that???? OMD I now know what ferklempt is.

And there you have it. The phrase that sucked the life out of me. Canceled on the count of rain.
New date TBA. TBA.... to be announced, just like that. I waited 365 days and they canceled it.
Poof. Ok who are these "THEY"??? names, phone numbers?????

And will someone please have a chat with Mother Nature. First she gave us snow... here in VA. Then she cooked us with temps in the 100s... for days and days making this summer too hot to be outside. And now this non stop rain. I think her thermostat thingie is broken and she should just call our ac guy and get the thing fixed. I mean.... Bark in Park, was canceled... Enough with the rain! Instead of running around on TV with boxes of feminine products to torment young girls, Mother Nature should start minding the weather and doing what she is supposed to be doing! Someone had to say it to her.

And so I sit here. Empty. Disillusioned. and I am watching... more rain coming down...



Mommy, I'm Home said...

I'm sorry your plans were ruined, 'vie. I hope they reschedule soon -- and that your momma gets to feeling better.

silvieon4 said...

Thank you. She is getting better... she told me to pick up my toys... she is nagging again... she is better.

Tucker said...

Canceled? How dare they cancel a Bark in the Park event. I have an event coming thsi Saturday, it better not be cancelled.

woof - Tucker