Monday, October 18, 2010

You love me how???

So, momma said something to me last night that has left me scratching my head. She said, and I quote: "I love you with all my heart" ---With all her heart. Hm. Could she love me with less then her whole heart? Can 2legged choose how much of their heart they can love you with? That thought is so disturbing on so many levels! I love momma. I love her with my whole body, not just my heart, and I love her her one hundred per cent of the times. If she only loves me with her heart, whole or not, she not loving me as much as I love her. How fair is that? Have I not shown her how much I love her?
My tail is forever blurry from showing her how much I love her.
What does that mean?JD says it is just an "expression". An idiot. No? IDIOM. An IDIOM. JD says It just means momma loves me with no reservations. So confused... What does how momma loves me have to do with going out to a restaurant? JD stop it. You said reservations. No JD. I am not a kid, I am 4. I am just going to talk to momma and face this issue with her. I want her to love me with her heart, liver, kidneys...with everything that is momma's body. Fair is fair. I love her completely and I don't care what restaurant is involved.



Unknown said...

Pixie says: Silvie, it's okay - really. See, hupersons are kinda big, and they don't connect with their whole bodies easily like we do. But I'm very sure that every part of your humom's body loves you when you're on it or next to it!

Because they're so big, they tend to collect their love in their heart where they can find it easily. So if she loves you with her "whole heart", she's giving you all the love she has, and that's all any 2legged can do!

So don't worry - she's saying she loves you more than anything, and isn't holding anything back from you.

We kinda do that to our huparents, don't we. We're so lucky -- and so are they!

Wags and fluffs from Cincinnati...

Who feels a strong need to exercise the cat one more time before nappies.

Unknown said...

You crack me up. Emme, Snowball and I have to read what you think everyday. Emme says the TBFR alumi need to stick together and you give her things to think about.

bichonpawz said...

Aw 'vie! I am sure that your momma loves you with her ENTIRE BEING! If she had a tail, I bet she would wag it constantly too!! We love you with OUR whole selves!!! xoxo Chloe, LadyBug and the Mama