Saturday, October 30, 2010

Farewell Vera

On September 11, my friend Vera Wang crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Vera was a fab girl whose presence at CareALot made the ordinary shopping trip, a fun visit and something we looked forward to. Vera was featured in this blog a number of times because her personality spilled out of her, she was bigger than life. We had not been able to visit because momma was healing up, so finding out that Vera is gone was very sad for all of us. JD is particularly sad as Vera had been his co star in the production of Verona in Virginia.

Vera, your momma will always love you. She does have Ethel to help her cope with the loss of your sweet self, but honestly you left huge paw prints in everyone's heart and they will be hard to fill.

We miss you
Silvieon4, JD and Wendy

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