Sunday, October 10, 2010

Perspective and chill pills

Dearest momma,

Do you know how crazy you got when I rolled in the grass? You got really nutsy. Shockingly so. I thought I offer you some perspective.
My "roll" was just that. It did not produce a change in color (like when JD jumped into the pig's ears display,right after he was groomed turning into a brown Bichon), or make me look like a Saint Patrick float prop like Polly in this picture.

My grassy roll was an innocent celebration of natural exuberance. You over reacted. Auntie Robin took Polly's greening as something to laugh at. Not you...You went crazy. Dori says you needed to take a chill pill. So, in the interest of peace, for future references, in which freezer are these blessed pills stored in? Are they even in a freezer? Maybe if daddy could put one where we could reach it, next time we could make sure you have it available before you lose your cool. (I never knew humans were so thermo challenged.)

In any case, chill out. Can we forget this brushing out thing? (wonder if a chill pill would help you forget that. Mhhh wonder what else they would work on.....)
Call me the chiller

1 comment:

Tucker said...

YOu looks like the HULK!

woof - Tucker