Friday, October 22, 2010

So, who is really getting a kick out of these?

I went to the groomer yesterday, and post grooming I did the usual shop hop. You know, you don't waist a good "do" on family. Their ohhs and ahhhs are obligatory. When I need real validation and justification for the washing, blowing and attending grooming humiliations, I go to strangers. I learn more from the comments they exchange between each other than I do from anything else. So when I hear one tell the other to look at the cutie patoutie than I know they are talking about me. I am validated. But that's not what this post is about.

This post is about marketing. C'est l'argent qui fait la guerre. It is all about the money. Money makes wars.

The makers of these dog beds are aiming straight for the hu-moms and hu-dads' wallets. Cute, catchy, cheeky. I would absolutely refuse to
sleep on these. Seriously. If they were designing for the canine's pleasure, you would see more bolsters, fluffier, thicker bedding with more hiding places, scented with the likes of bacon, cheese, corned beef, or my all time fav...crab shells! Hey, stop that. Do I criticize your dead
flower scented room air "freshener"?

Alas we have no argent and thus we suffer at the merciless failed efforts at Creative Writing 101 which Madison Avenue churns into marketing artillery. Dodge the bullet. Shop for your pet as you would for yourself, substance over kitch.

Word to the wise

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