Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Ghost Dining Room

For days and days and days now I have been fascinated with something I see in the window of the breakfast room. It sort of slows down my eating breakfast because I am just trying to figure it out. Today I got my 2 leggeds involved. I had to. I was not making any sense of this.

Check it out... Deep in our backyard, past the herb garden... there is a ghost dining room. Seriously. It only shows up in the morning, but don't bother running outside to check it because it "vanishes". It is not there when you are there. I have sniffed every inch of that yard... no dining room smell or anything! It is only there when you are inside. And it is really a complete mirror image of our dining room.... which is on the left side of the house! It even shows up the chairs..., the walls... it is just strange. Finally, after days and days of my watching it, i got momma and nonna involved. Spoooooooookyyyyyy!

I mean, think about it.... we are seeing the left side of our house, from the right side of our house...OUTSIDE. Can our neighbors see our ghost dining room? Does it only appear to us?
How "holloweeny...."


Mh. Do you think there is a ghost family that is a duplicate of us??? What is the name of those people... Ghostcatchers? no.... wait Ghosthunters! I need to call those guys and get this whole thing figured out.


Honeygo Beasley said...

VERY perceptive and spooky. Perfectly halloweeny.

silvieon4 said...

I know!!! and you know what? That ghost dining room showed up this afternoon for a while too!