Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear Dowi

Dear Dowi,

I m sitting here thinking about your train ride. I am worried, still. I know you are home, I heard you on the speaker phone. Did you have a lot to do to return to "normal"? I know you had to deal with your hair. I know my due gets awfully curly in the "humditty". I bet you had to go through a lot of grooming... How did you get all the bugs out of your teeth? Did it get cold? I know you were wet because when we took you to the train station, it was raining. How did you manage to stay warm? I am just besides myself thinking about the whole ordeal. You must love us a lot to do all that just to come home. Listen, I am willing to give up some chewies to make sure you can afford a ticket in the train. I am just thinking that riding on top is not safe, even if they do it in the movies. I do love you you know.

Wait - JD is talking to me. What??? OMD. This is not acceptable! JD just told me that nonna is going to get on a plane to go to Europe. Are they kidding me?? Whose stupid idea is that?
Look, we just got the nonna to move here, putting her "on" a plane is plain stupid. How many chewies does it take to buy her an "in" the plane ticket? I want her back safe and sound or she can't go. I am putting my paw down on this.

Good thing I was white haired to start with, because living with two leggeds will turn your hair white with worry...

wishing this whole fan damily would stay put


Hailey said...

Good morning Silvie!! I know what it is to be a worry wart too. The biped's can be a bit foolish at time's and tend to react on impulse. It should comfort you to know that your sissy is safe and back home. Sometimes just hearing her voice does make it better, but you need physical confirmation that she is OK. Ask sissy to take a picture of herself with her portable flashy box and to send it to you so that you can SEE for your own eyes if she really is OK. Let's hope that she was able to remove the teeth bugs, put her eyes back in socket and wipe away the tears from the wind and most importantly, tame her hair, before she sends you the picture. I am at a loss for word's if you must go through this again with your nanna. I hear Europe is very very far away. I can send you some of my chewy's too, to help with her "in" plane ticket. Keep us posted! Other than that, please try to get some rest and not worry too much. Although your hair is already white, it can turn blue! Oh criminy. I shouldn't have said that! Now you're gonna worry about that too!

Hugs & smoochies!!XOXO
your furiend

dori said...

Dear Silvie,

I promise, I'm totally fine. Riding on top of the train isn't that bad. I mean, my hair did get pretty big and going through the tunnels was pretty terrifying, but, on the plus side, I had a fantastic view.

I wore a snuggie and a bug-proof mask so weather and bugs weren't issues. But yeah, riding IN the train would've been better.

Save your chewys, use them to convince your live-in 2leggeds to drive (in the car) to come visit me. I have a stuffed monkey with your name on it.

Don't worry too much about nonna. She is a superhero after all, and if she wanted to, she could fly without the plane. I think she is just using it to store luggage. (And can you believe the airline is still charging her a checked bag fee?! criminal.) Make sure you ask her about her costume.

Miss you!!

silvieon4 said...

Costume? Perk. She has a costume??? BRB! I am checking this out for myself!

bichonpawz said...

How did I miss this!! I love it!!