Tuesday, October 5, 2010

House on .... wheels?

OK, check this out. All this time I thought momma was making crazy talk...You know, when I "aggravate" her... she says things like: " I will send you for a walk with your daddy and when you both come back the house and I will be gone."
I always thought that was the funniest empty threat I had ever heard...until yesterday.
Look at this pic. This is what daddy and I saw. He took the pic on his cell phone.
This house is being moved. Yes, moved. On wheels, on the go.
Think that lady was "aggravated"?
Think she has a 4 legged and a husband somewhere who have no idea they are coming back to an empty lot?

Momma... please, don't move the house. We like our corner.

Oy- 2leggeds...

1 comment:

Mommy, I'm Home said...

If she moves your house, 'vie, you can come to live with me!