Thursday, October 14, 2010

whoooa Fancy BUGGY!

Check out the fancy buggy parked in the front yard of our neighbor's house. The must have a huge dog. Mhh I don't think I have ever seen it. But, if they don't have a large dog, who is the buggy for?

I don't know. Something strange is going on all over my neighborhood. Ghost dining rooms, big huge buggies for ?... Is Halloween seeping into everything?



Unknown said...

Wow awesome decorations you get to look at! Yeah I think they have a big doggie :) We keep running into halloween on our walks now every day there is some new ghoest hanging around in someones yard

Chester said...

Hi 'vie! You're right, that is one spiffy buggy! As a side note on buggies, I keep hearing my ma tell my pa that Caroline and I really need one. But yet he is unmoved.- Oh! One more thing, I've had to change my blog address only slightly. The correct one is: Hope you figure out the ghost mystery!