Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Notes and thoughts

Kineahora Rachel Zoe!!!!!!!
Monogramed diapers and blinged out baby rattles. BA (wait for it). NANAS!

We wish you much joy and health. Eat. Has honey stopped feeling the ticking of the biological clock?

Yes, you all know I am a Rachel fan.


Anonymous said...

Silvie - please tell your mom that I hope we both feel better soon:)

p.s. If she would ever need/like to vent, my asst's e-mail is kcolnar at yahoo dot com. Tank

silvieon4 said...

Tank I love reading about you. Momma says thank you very much, she might take you up on the offer. Her advice to your assistant is to get a blow dryer, put it on low and blow on your healing leg. It really helps with the itching. She also says, life is a "beach". Ha...