Friday, October 1, 2010

A letter to Tai Shan

Dear Tai Shan,
our baby Panda who recently emigrated to China to participate in the Panda breeding program, I have been reading about you and I have been worrying about you. How are you?

I have so many questions to ask you!

What's it like to leave your home and travel so far away? Do you miss DC?
We miss you. Have you learned Chinese? Does the bamboo taste different there? Have you made new friends? Have they given you a new nickname? Butterstick was cute...but... You probable have outgrown it! (Ha I crack me up) How are you coping with the expectations placed on you by the breeding program?

Did you enjoy the visit from the DC ladies? Do you get to come home after you breed? I bet you will not want to leave your children behind, about a visit? Did they ask you to rate the accommodations at the DC Zoo? Did you recommend us? I am hoping that maybe another baby Panda can be born here and get to live here. When I get groomed, momma calls me her "panda baby", but no way could I pass for a panda. And I would not be cool with moving to China.

Tai, I admire you, I guess you are making sacrifices for your species, but I still wish you were here.

Write if you need anything,

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