Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The downfall of being a great listener

As every great four legged will tell you [if we are ever given an opportunity], we dogs are the best listeners in the world. In the universe. We just know how to listen. And you hoomans CAN TALK. And... talk is what you do almost non stop. As a consequence, we dogs have accumulated eons of listened up knowledge.

Most of it is BOOOOOOOORRRRIIIINGGGG.  I promise you. 

And there is the rub. As a puppy you learn to TUNE OUT. You have to, for your own sake, for your sanity and for your peace of mind. Occasionally it pays to pay attention.  Like I did here. Momma and Dowi were talking about the plans for Thanksgivukkah.

Yea, interesting that this year both holidays fall together. I am not so keen about the idea. 
Because the Jewish and Gregorian calendars aren't calculated the same way, Chanukah shows up at different times each year. Usually the eight-day Jewish Festival of Lights happens in December, but this year, it falls on Turkey Day. The convergence has only happened once before, in 1888, and won't be seen again until 2070 and again in 2165, according to calculations by Jonathan Mizrahi, a quantum physicist at the Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico. After that, the two holidays aren't set to overlap until 76,695

I do feel as if we are being robbed of one holiday. But momma has a great solution. Do the both back to back and stay pure to tradition.  Dowi is thinking a "mashup".

Got to pay attention. I want my chicken named after a country [Turkey] to be as delicious as ever. Do not mess with it.  You know I will not put up with any deviation from it's hugeness and awesomeness. Mhhhh I get nostalgic just thinking about the smells.

Wait...Chopped liver? I am down with that!  I love chopped liver. Huge Chicken named after a country AND chopped liver in the same meal? That's what I am talking about!  Delicious!  Keep talking, My mouth is getting all juicy.

????? Stop. Hair gel?  How on earth did the conversation switch to stoopid hair products?  WHO CARES about hair gel????? 

Time to tune out. BOOOOOOOORING. Can we please focus on Thanksgivukkah??????


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