Wednesday, October 16, 2013

LOST in my thoughts of Thanksgivukkah

BIG GIANT chicken named after a country! Ohhh that smell

The "vigil" during "sitting time"  or as I call it "sitting shiva" for the Giant Chicken named after a country.
JD is sitting in anticipation .

Finally!!!! IT is CARVED and ready!

I am ready to do the blessing so we can finally EAT!

Appetizers... fine if you have to...

Now, LET's EAT!!!

Side dishes... who cares? Latkes... ehh.

Yea yea yea gnocchi cooked at the very last minute. Yawn....

At the end of the meal, there is the grand opening of DESSERT DISTRICT!

Yea Dowi, we made your cheesecake... yea... all punkin.... and all
Sfogliatelle.... I love these
daddy there is no such thing as mandatory cheesecake!

I love Madeleines!

and ginger squares

I would not know how these taste all colored up. I only get my butter cookies NAKID! Show gratitude to the kitchen staff .... it is the polite thing to do...

This is what they "sneak" frittelle, limoncini,...rughelach and chocolate buttons [ick]

Funny people. Kitchen help is always looking for a cheap laugh... I would get really angry, but I am too full to fight.

Foooooooooood cooooooommmmma....

ahhh Thanksgivukkah, I am dreaming of you with a drooly face and open eyes...Come soon!!!! I am ready.


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