Monday, October 7, 2013

Bark in the Park Wrap up.

So, Bark in Park was BUSY BUSY BUSY. We have to thank our TBFR family because they worked their tushies off to raise dirty paper for the White dog Cottage residents. Yup, it takes a ton od dirty paper to pay for food, vet bills, meds etc etc.

You can see that our TBFR booth was packed with goodies.  Hm. daddy said momma wore a dog bow tie. Of course there is not one single picture of that.  I am offering  two slightly used chewies to anyone with said picture... Don't be afraid of her, she is small and I  will deal with her... You can stay anonymous.

Ok, lets get down to the highs and the lows of the event. [I feel so Giuliana today! Gimme a mike]

Let's get the lows out of the way because I need recovery time.

The scoundrel, lower than low award goes to the lady whose beautiful girl Bichon is kept outdoors tied to the garage to [brace yourself] "kill rats". She referred to this sweet dog as a "ratter". Once her words actually sank in momma's brain... and once she got over the shock words came out of her mouth ... like LEPTOSPIROSIS... Are you joking? You mean to tell me you actually are serious?  --- she was serious.
Momma offered to take the Bichon off her hands,,,, But  nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnno. No can do. Her Bichon is cheaper than an exterminator. Lord please watch over that sweet dog. May the scoundrel get what she deserves.  Auntie Robin thank you for being careful and screening our adopters. That person should never be allowed to have a dog.

Deep breath.  That was the human [??? really???] low.

Sammy, one of our Bichons from Richmond got very sick. The heat got to him.- 88 degrees in the shade!!!
He collapsed. It was very very scary. His mom, auntie Lisa was so worried.  Some misguided soul  dunked Sammy in water to cool him off and Sammy's heart was racing. Well, once they brought him back to the TBFR booth, momma told auntie Lisa that Dr Redding was at Bark in the Park and off they went to find him because as momma put it "I would not trust anyone else to treat any of our dogs".
Got to hand it to momma. She knew what she was talking about. Within seconds, Dr Redding was tending to Sammy and out came the magic acupuncture needles and voila` Sammy was all better. I mean instantly. I mean for real. I mean like WOW.



Ya, know what kills me? Auntie Lisa. Ungrateful woman tried to talk Dr Redding into moving to Richmond.
Seriously! Not cool.  NOT COOL.  I share my vet you and you try to steal him? NOT COOL.
I almost want to say no biscotti for you!

And Dr. K we missed you.  You are hiding from us? 

More highs:
Meeting some of the best people on earth in our rescue family.
Spending time with great friends on a sunny, warm VA day.
Sharing food and laughs.
Raising money for the best cause: the rescue, rehoming and rehabilitation of Bichons in need. [like me! like I was before I got my forever family.]

Depending on how you see it.... another high/low.... Momma cheated on us and rubbed up against many many four leggeds. Really Brutus, et tu?????

Thank you to Yesterdish, the cupcakes and food were a hit.  Thank you daddy for carting all that stuff,
and more than anything, Thank you volunteers for working so hard and making it a good event,  THANK YOU EVERYONE who came out in support of TBFR.



Marshmallow said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful event, but I want to comment on the stupid hoo-man who uses her beautiful fluff to catch rodents. What the Vick is wrong with people? And why would she come to a DOG event--filled with dog lovers--and admit to doing something so heinous?! That's like one time at an adoption show this summer, someone parked right in front and then proceeded to leave their dog IN THE CAR with the window cracked. I thought mama was going to turn purple. Somebody poured some water in the window so the poor doggy could have a drink and mama chased the stupid woman into the store...and read her the "riot act". I don't know what that is exactly, but it involves some not so nice words and waving of your hands. You do NOT want to make mama mad!

silvieon4 said...

I have heard of this riot act... Momma has a "rescue" thingie on her key chain. It breaks car windows and cuts seat belts and she has no compunction about using it. That riot act includes words that make hoomans turn very red. And she gets loud. And she gets really mean and she is emotionally castrating. That is what daddy says- Any kind of animal abuse makes momma turn into an emotionally castrating hooman banshee. [JD where are you going? Boy that words send him off sulking, males!] Momma offered that hoooman $$$$ for the Bichon. but the crazy abusive hooman said "no- she is cheaper than an exterminator" Yuh, we offered to send our exterminator. She said nah. Then momma wished for a gun. And then daddy shook his head NO 'cause momma would have no issue using it under the heading "She has it coming".

Marshmallow said...

I think "she has it coming" when referring to protecting the safety of a 4-leggged is a justifiable defense, don't you? But your daddy would know better, though. Sigh.