Monday, October 7, 2013

Ask and you shall receive!

In a prior post, I said : " Hm. daddy said momma wore a dog bow tie. Of course there is not one single picture of that.  I am offering  two slightly used chewies to anyone with said picture... Don't be afraid of her, she is small and I  will deal with her... You can stay anonymous."

Well well, Virginia, [Uncle Bob I am keeping you anonymous....wink wink] Here is that illusive picture of momma in a dog collar.  Little fuzzy, but I must say well worth two slightly used chewies.
Fiona and Marie, chewies coming your way!  Well earned may I say. What?  Of course the girls are going to get them before Kip and Toby. That is how it works. GIRLS FIRST.

I will tell momma she needs to pay up and produce the chewies owed. ;)

Next time momma goes on and on about how she is "THE human in charge..."
That pic is coming out. A hooman?
No hooooman wears a dog collar bowtie. Right?  Therefore she is not in charge.
 nuff said.

Now I shall set about making the most out of this.
Momma, you rock the bow tie collar.
What next?  Gonna try and grow a tail???

Like I did not know she always wanted to be a Bichon.

Yuh, the Australian sun hat and the black onesie.  That's momma.

I know, I know, but it is her weirdness that makes her endearing. AHA, now let's talk about this great bridge I have that happens to be for sale.

We call it the Gilmerton. Wanna buy it?
[local joke. it's been undergoing repairs for ever and one day....]


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