Thursday, October 31, 2013

I am ....shocked, insulted....offended...

MSN published this article:
Subject: Lap Lounger

How dare they! The outrage. The slander. The libel. Who dares call moi a couch potato?  Seriously?
Just like that, with a cheap shot generalization you slander my breed? Have you no shame?

If and I say if ... A generalization can be applied it is that we Bichons are loving, lovable and cuddly.

Personally, I can assure you that the only time I spend on the couch is when I am de stressing momma by offering up my belly for a blood pressure lowering belly rub. Her therapy. Her benefit. So what you are calling couch potato ing is really work for me.

And the Bichon blitz is hardly a short burst of energy. It is a high impact, concentrated cardio work out. I blitz at about forty mph on two floors. Can you do that? Can you counter blitz, figure eight, loop, reverse double, spin and coordinate your blitzes with two other Bichons and your hoomans without anyone getting hurt, ever?

Couch potato my tush.

Next time you want to write an article on Bichons, call me. I can give you an accurate portrait of Bichons.

Oh, and one more thing, us four leggeds are a pure reflection of our two leggeds. Generally...we do what we are allowed to or told to or can get away with. So we are pretty much a reflection of your failures. If  your Bichon is a couch potato, YOU MUST BE A COUCH POTATO.

Uffa. I had to get that out of my system.


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