Thursday, October 17, 2013

Such.... hedonism.....

Soooo I have been ignored all morning for THIS.... But before you fall in love for the cuteness of it all.... you really should read on, because I have the back-story!
Yes, of course it is for the Bash and some hooman is going to want to take it home. Why?  Because it's a cheesecake!.  Yes I know, But what are you going to do....

You never knew that wild parties take place at White Dog Cottage? Well... They do..
There is Pete and Petunia... Cecil and his "girls". Nobody knows the dude with heart . He just showed up in the hot tub singing " I am too sexy for my shirt..."

Cecil is a recent run away from Smithfield. His new "tat"  is a quiet message to the new owners of Smithfield... Nuff said. On the upside, this is the first time in years he feels "safe" because most of Va is no longer thinking ham or bacon.

We really don't know what the names of Cecil's girl friends are, but we have been calling them Paris 1 and Paris 2...for so many reasons.
Petunia lives the good life. She likes two olives in her Martini. And she belongs to the white hat society. She is never seen without her trademark eyelashes and has a complicated on and off "relationship" with Pete... who is mostly clueless. But he has enough $ to keep her interested.

Auntie Robin, are you aware of all this??? It's Ok with you?  Boy White Dog Cottage has changed since my days!


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