Friday, October 11, 2013

Doing my theng in the SESTO ELEMENTO!

Soooo, are you impressed or what?
That is moi driving  one of only 20  sleek, beautiful, elegant
SESTO ELEMENTO by LAMBORGHINI of course. Kanye eat your heart out.

Not going to lie to you. This was awesome.
Kind of like a velvet glove on the most powerful fist.

Full of GRINTA -zero to 60mph in under two and a half seconds.
Ever hear the hum of a V10? Imagine the fierce hawl of a hyena with the backdrop of a soft purr. The loudness of the engine is the price you pay with a Lambo. I am about to do IMOLA.

Thank you Adam for the ear buds. All I can say is LOUD!

I left Bologna for Maranello after indulging in a delicious Piatto misto bolognese. I did not want to do pasta, a big pasta meal makes me sleepy, but I ate too much and to stay more alert, I indulged in a doppio affogato. Between the ice cream and the coffee I am alert enough to remember that Imola is a counter clock wise course.

And while every member of the Lambo team is busy looked over the Sesto, I am busy looking over every member of the Lambo team.

Niceeeeee. I just love good looking men.

From "concept car" to actualization, this beautiful piece of machinery boasts the same 70bhp naturally aspirated V10 engine as the Gallardo and the same four-wheel-drive system. 

Carbon fiber construction keeps it real. It is pure minimalism actualized.   No seat. Just a seat shaped pad on the carbon fibre body. Perfect for moi.

And in case you missed it, let me play Sheldon Cooper for one sec. Do you have any idea what the sixth element on the periodic table is?What's that got to do with anything you ask? Ehmmm. The sixth element of the periodic table is Carbon with an a symbol of C, an atomic number of 6 and an atomic mass of 12.0107. Silly goose, why do you think the car is called Sesto Elemento? That's Italian for Sixth Element! CARBON and this car it is made mostly with carbon fibre!!! 
Looks like this:

I was eager to test drive this baby and was surprised to find that my mouth had suddenly gone dry when they finally motioned me in.

But, once in , I forgot my dry mouth looked at my spartan surroundings [no dashboard!] and found some comfort in the luxury of my custom made DENTS . I was ready to tackle the 60MPH in 2.4 seconds "jump". Yea, it felt  like it sounds. Immediate spring like action, with no resistance and unbelievable agility. We are talking panther like, fast , sleek, light, agile. And you know what was missing? That sense of velocity fighting mass that you feel when a heavier car has to control itself under the power of the engine. This baby felt integrated with me. I was loving it!

I was grateful I had spent days on the simulator because IMOLA is no easy track, The turns are tights, blind crests and never boring. That simulator is worth it's weight in gold.

LOVED IT.  Now, seriously, this is the way of the future.  I should have this car. It reminds of something my grandfather used to say. "Simplicity of design, creates purity and elegance". Nonno Lucio was right.  This car feels just like that.

What? Seriously? You are having a hard time believing this whole post? What part do you not believe? ARE YOU FOR REAL?

You do not believe I actually test drove the Lambo Sesto? Mhhh you do know they sent monkeys into space, dogs into space, fruit flies into space etc etc... and your tiny mind has a hard time envisioning moi in this Lambo at Imola. 

You have some serious issues, you know.

No matter, I am still smelling carbon fiber and fuel. Go sit in your Versa. Hoooooomans!



Marshmallow said...

Silvie, I believe you! That looks like so much fun. Did you love the wind blowing your ears?

Two French Bulldogs said...

We thought we saw you going by, BOL
Benny & Lily