Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dear Mother Nature

I am so upset with you! 364 days and you choose today to rain on my parade? What is wrong with you anyway?  Are you getting old or something? You need to fire your scheduling clerk. And BTW, why is your number unlisted?  I gurgled you for hours and NO LISTING!  What kind of customer service do you provide??

See, that's what is wrong with monopolies. What we need is some serious competition for you. Then maybe, you will get more customer friendly.

Auntie Robin promised me a Bash and guess what Mother Nature... we will have a BASH  tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow and don't you dare pull one of your stunts.

We have all the goodies and the big surprise all ready. All the White Dog Cottage residents are looking forward to raising $$.  So, get your priorities straight and stop the acting out!

Is Mother Nature hooman?  For sure she is not a Bichon.  But no matter, WE ARE READY for tomorrow!
You better be ready too.

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Two French Bulldogs said...

That rain must go
Benny & Lily