Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kiba and Skype

This is Kiba and she is a Jindo/Akita mix. This screenshot was taken three months into her daddy's deployment.It speaks volumes about how much she missed him and how confusing this thing was.

Ever try to "liberate" a human from a TV box??? I have. It gets messy very fast and two leggeds do not like it one bit. Go figure. Apparently they like the other human to stay trapped or something. The good news is, Kiba's daddy is back home now, but for a while he was gone. He communicated via Skype.

You know Kiba, when my daddy was in Ack RUNNNN, Ohio. I hated it. No wait, I really HATED IT! And I hated that he was trapped in that laptop screen and that sometimes, all I got was his voice from that phone thingie, which BTW only smelled of momma's ear. No daddy smell. So, basically worthless.

I tried a few times to "liberate him". We will not discuss momma's reaction in polite company. I think she secretly loved the fact that he was trapped in the laptop and she could move him all over without any choice on his part.

Remind me not to upset the old gal. I do not want to ever get lap topped.

Kiba I relate to your reaction. All three of us are so ... non plussed at that form of communication, that we refuse to react to the "voices" and "flat faces" of our two legged brother and sister. We hear them and we head for the door. Not otherwise interested. If they are NOT coming through that door, WE ARE NOT going to settle for flat face without smell. Still Kiba, I get how excited you were.

Why don't hooman just sit still and stick to their pack?  Why do we have to deal with their absence???  Do you see us taking off for parts unknown?  {JD we are not going to talk about your little adventure that still haunts momma... }

Did anyone of your hoomans ever get lap topped or flat faced or phoned in?
Do you like it?

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