Thursday, October 24, 2013

She is DOING it again

Momma is making my nose go nutty.   She is baking, baking, baking... And you cannot get the smells out of your nose.

Ciabatta bread... Rye bread... chocolate bread.... how is a girl supposed to get some rest?

My nose is being whip lashed.

JD says the best way to unsmell is to smell each other. Mhh.  I will try that.

Here I am trying to unsmell.  I am smelling up JD.

It does not work. You get a whiff of JD and... whatever else is baking.

I talked to Pepe and I know his momma, auntie Crissy is doing the punkin treats that were so popular at the bash and lots of other goodies.  I want the Ricotta cookies. And what's a rum cake?  There are two of those coming to the bake sale.  Would I like one?

You know, I talked to auntie Robin and I know she is making dog treats. :)  Now, that's my auntie Robin.  She has her priorities where they should be...

Bake sale is Sat 3-6 at 100 Kegman Road West, Chesapeake, Virginia 23322


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