Sunday, October 6, 2013

A note from momma on the circovirus [??] issue

We have been obsessing about this since early Sept.  I have been pestering the CDC looking for more info. I really did not want to be an alarmist and I wanted solid information... 

We have none to date. We have no idea how this virus is transmitted, and the real novel question is if it is something humans are passing on to the dogs.

In absence of solid information, CAUTION is the only rational approach

So, for the time being I am tying yellow ribbons on my dogs. I will politely ask strangers NOT to pet them. I will not trust strangers because I have no idea how clean their hands are. 

Walks are restricted to place we feel comfortable in. If one of your dogs has developed bloody diarrhea SEEK IMMEDIATE VETERINARY HELP . Back home,  would follow contagion protocol-- Spaulding Protocol  and wipe, wash, and clear stuff.

Here are some guidelines.

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