Sunday, October 20, 2013


Wake up momma!!!!  Come on, get up, it is time to pack up the stuff and go!
All of it momma.  ALLLLLLLL OF IT!   The "surprise" too.
No more smelling sugar, no more smelling vanilla and punkin and finding one or two sugar crystals that accidentally got stuck on my tongue. [:(
And the white hat for your head, and the cheesecakes, and tarts and pie and biscotti and gift baskets. ALL.
Chop chop! And don't forget the ticket baskets.

If you are coming to the Bash, STOP reading now! Seriously, it will RUIN your surprise.

But, if you are one of the people who cannot make it to the BASH,  [Auntie Lisa. I am so sorry....]
Look!  This is the big surprise the momma and the Dori have been working on:

White hats cake pops! cute no?


Daddy is stressing out loading the car. I want my cooler, my chairs, my buggy.... You need more room?

FORGET my costume. Who wants that anyway.

Mommaaaaaaa what do you mean I have to ride like a big girl? No lap? The cake pops get the lap? WHYYYYY  They don't even have bellies that need rubbing.

I am not thrilled with this.

I am just saying.

Your lap should be mine.  ALWAYS


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