Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happy, Happy HAPPY birthday YESTERDISH!

Happy Birthday YESTERDISH!

Thank you Adam for making this past year a delicious year. What a super idea to keep momma from "staling" in her cooking.  You are a genius. Now the momma is forced to be creative.  And when she is entirely devoid of ideas she goes to YESTERDISH! Plus, it's so nice to see her find "the recipe" without cursing at the stack of flying paper or at the puter!


And how you got her to actually give you some recipes.... brilliant.

So in between being a lawyer and writing articles and books, and teaching... you found time to YESTERDISH.  Now, listen up, you need to find time to come home and do some belly rubbing.  I am feeling neglected.

Now we have to start planning our Thanksgiving... You know that is OUR holiday. Yours and mine...

Call me.


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